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Barcelona Presidential Election Candidates

With the Barcelona Presidential Elections coming up in March 2021, a lot is going on in fan's minds. So today, we will clear all your doubts as we cover all the possible candidates.

By Harsh Jha

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Sept. 6, 2020, 3:51 p.m.

Things don’t look so good as stated by the club captain in an exclusive interview with Goal. The club has no ongoing project. Recently, the club fans saw Lionel Messi wanting to leave the club, which he couldn’t, because of his love for the club. The club is in shambles. The fans are troubled and a motion of no confidence is already in motion as we talk. Although it is unlikely that the motion will pass, one question still stands, who’s next? So today, we’ll cover the upcoming Barcelona presidential elections and look at the possible candidates. 

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The Candidates

The President of the Barcelona board is a very big post and something that needs a lot of management and great leadership skills. With 3 official candidates already preparing for the elections and many more joining them soon, the elections are likely to be interesting given the promises of the candidates. While different candidates have different promises, today we will look at some of them in detail. 

Joan Laporta

Joan Laporta is a Spanish lawyer who works at his firm, Laporta & Arbós. Having served as an MP in the Parliament of Catalunya, Laporta is an experienced politician. He was also the president of the Barcelona board from 2003-2010.


At the time of Laporta’s assignment, the club faced massive problems. It had won no major trophies since 1999, and their eternal rivals, Real Madrid were at their peak. Laporta could not produce the desired results in his first year at the club, but he demanded the fans’ patience. And with the signing of Riijkard as the manager and Ronaldinho, he revamped the club and filled it with life.

Joan Laporta i Estruch (2003-2010)

Under his presidency, the club won their second UEFA Champion’s League and back to back La Liga in 2004/05 and 2005/06. He also ended the club’s old practice of not putting a sponsor on the T-Shirts and brought in UNICEF as the first sponsors of the club. Under his presidency, the club also saw a massive loss in the debt.


Having signed the motion of no confidence himself, Laporta is very eager for the elections. He’s set to announce himself as the presidential candidate soon. In his earlier reign, he introduced Pep Guardiola as the first team manager in 2008, which turned out to be a pretty amazing move, and he, therefore, is looking forward to bring him back to the main squad. 


When asked about his thoughts on Xavi as the manager, he said that while Xavi sees football everywhere and would be a great coach, it would be quite difficult for him because of his lack of experience. In and out, Laporta hopes to bring the glory back to Barcelona.


Victor Font

Victor Font is a businessman who resides in Dubai. He is the CEO and co-founder of the famous telecommunication company, Delta Partner, and also one of the founders of He is one of the official candidate of the 2021 presidential elections and has been campaigning meticulously for the past few months. 


He has a different vision for Barcelona’s future and has already introduced his plan- Si Al Futur. Si Al Futur is the action plan for the team after the greatest player to ever step foot on the Camp Nou, Lionel Messi, leaves. It also sees the appointment of Xavi as the new head coach, and also many other Barcelona legends such as Carles Puyol and Victor Valdes be a part of the Barcelona project. He plans on making the election process electronic so that more Barca members become part of the decision-making. 

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In addition to all these changes, he also plans on making a change in the revenue model so that it generates more revenue and slowly and steadily, by 2030 Barcelona can stand up on their feet. 


Sandro Rosell

Sandro Rosell was the former president of the club from 2010-2014. He made really strong financial profits as the president. He won the 2010 elections with a record of 61.35% of the votes. Under his presidency, the club signed players such as Cesc Fabregas, Alexis Sanchez, and most prominently, Neymar Jr. He also played a pivotal role in the signing of Ronaldinho from P$G. 


Even after having a great financial system, he resigned as the President of the Barcelona board in 2014, after he was summoned in the possible case of money laundering. He finally faced pre-trial detention from 2017. After more than 600 days, Sandro Rosell was finally released as no charges were found against him. 


Having faced a bitter goodbye from the board, Sandro Rosell would surely be looking forward to making it back to the board. Many in Catalonians who are Bartomeu’s supporters, would love to see Rosell move back to power. Although no official statement has been made by him, we are likely to be seeing one soon.

Jordi Farre

Jordi Farre is a 44-year old businessman who was born in Catalonia. He advocates for Catalan independence and his manifesto includes creating a support stand and a travel agency at the club and distancing it from court battles and retiring the name of ex-president Josep Lluis Nunez from the club museum. Farre made a very big statement that said that he is in talks with Jurgen Klopp which could see him as the manager if Farre comes to power. 


Lluis Fernandez

Lluis Fernandez is a local Catalan businessman and is the third official nominee of the elections. Lluis hopes to end the division and unite the club. He believes that the club has a lot of ‘-ists’ and he must bring them on the same page. He also speaks very openly about the poor transfer business of the club and says that it’s high time that Barcelona should focus more on their La Masia, rather than buying players from the outside at high prices, just to sell them cheap. 

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Writers’ Take

With Bartomeu making sure that he will not participate in the presidential election, the board is sure to see a change of face at the helm, with Victor Font in the pole position. But given the support that Bartomeu has in Catalonia, it will be pretty difficult for a candidate not supported by Bartomeu to win the election. 


Victor Font has a pretty clear and straight forward policy and could take Barcelona to their glory days. What might bother the fans most is his statement which says that he will fire Koeman whatever be the case if he’s chosen the president. But if he corrects himself, Barcelona fans might be in for a treat.