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Luka Jovic: Another Disappointment?

Fans had a lot of expectations from Luka Jovic when he arrived at Real Madrid. However, he clearly hasn't lived up to the expectations.

By Harshavardhan S

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June 5, 2020, 11:23 a.m.

Real Madrid invested a hefty 60 million euros into Luka Jovic in 2019. So far, his first season at Real Madrid has been disastrous. After scoring just one goal and providing two assists, Jovic has been a disappointment. These type of poor performances from a 60 million signing is just unacceptable. Moreover, Jovic has been criticized and questioned for his recent behaviour off the field. He is facing a lot of backlash from fans as he broke quarantine rules and moved out of his house unnecessarily. Even the President and the Prime Minister of Serbia had to come up in the media to make comments. So, there are a lot of things happening for the 22-year old and only time will tell if Real Madrid has wasted another talent.


The Golden Times

Luka Jovic got picked from Benfica by Eintracht Frankfurt in 2017 for a two-season loan. In the first season itself, Jovic made some promising performances. He scored a winner for the Eagles in the DFB Cup semis against FC Schalke 04. Later on, Frankfurt went on to win the DFB Cup against the Bundesliga heavyweights, Bayern Munich beating them 3-1 in the final. He scored a total of nine goals and provided two assists in the 2017/18 season for Frankfurt. He went on to only get better in the next season. He scored 27 goals and provided seven assists in total. Ten of those goals came from Europa League in 14 matches, making him the second top scorer of the competition. His stubborn stay in the box in the attacking phase helps the wingers as they can reach him for goals without any difficulty. Jovic comfortably picks the crosses and delivers the ball into the back of the net as he runs off the shoulder of his marker effortlessly. His goals include ten left-footed goals, four headers, and the rest with his right foot and this makes him extremely unpredictable. He scored five goals against Fortuna Düsseldorf on the 8th matchday of the 2018/19 season, making him the youngest player to do so in the Bundesliga. 


Jovic, Haller, Rebic: The Trident

Jovic was known for his first touch goals, volleys, and strong headers. He was involved in some great link-up play with Ante Rebić and Sébastien Haller. Frankfurt usually lined-up in a 3-4-1-2 with Jovic and Haller upfront. But in the attacking phase, Haller and Rebic dropped-wide and found space to play the ball through to Jovic or to feed him with crosses. Their play on the flanks was supported by the wing-backs Kostic and da Costa. Moreover, they used to underlap to provide support in the middle too. More often than not, it was Frankfurt’s wide play that stretched the game and. Jovic used the trick of stopping in the box and making space. This made him a visible target for the playmakers in wide positions. Jovic also helped Frankfurt in their offensive pressing. Due to these brilliant seasons,  2017/18 and 2018/2019, Jovic came to the Real Madrid camp in 2019.


The Downfall

Since then, like I said he's been disastrous. So what led to the downfall of this young talent? The only visible reason for the Serbian’s poor performances lack of playtime. Zidane has not given Jovic enough minutes and chances to prove himself. Jovic has played a total of 390 minutes in La Liga so far and that is far too less for a 60 million signing.


What's next?

Due to the lack of playtime, rumour has it that Jovic wants to leave on loan. There has been no official notice or statement from Real Madrid or Jovic. However, if Zidane gives enough playtime and full matches to Luka Jovic, he can definitely prove his worth. LaLiga resumes from the 8th of June after the COVID19 lockdown. Madrid faces Eibar in their opening match on the 14th of June. LaLiga Santander has posted their schedule on their website recently for the rest of the season. Even after a poor season, Real Madrid has shown support for Jovic. He is currently recovering from an injury and he should look to resume his season with great performances when he returns.