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Mars Football Foundation: Bringing a Revolution

Mars Football Foundation aims to provide opportunities in football and works to change the social outlook of the sport as well.

By Abhay Sharma

Edited By Vansh Ambashta


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July 14, 2020, 10:24 a.m.

Mars Football Foundation is the brainchild of Moizuddin Mohammed, based in Telangana, the foundation not only aims to provide opportunities in football but works to change the social outlook of the sport as well. The mars foundation aims to produce and scout international standard players from passionate and skilful youngsters. Working towards their aim, they along with ‘Balls to All’ have provided for great footballing opportunities and higher-level coaching in 12 out of 21 districts in Telangana. A massive feat that has changed the lives of many passionate youngsters. They’ve given opportunities and avenues to several underprivileged kids to channel their love for the game and nurture their talent; an opportunity that was earlier just a distant dream. 

The inception of Mars Football Foundation

Moizuddin Mohammed is the mind behind Mars Football Foundation

Mr Moizuddin was devoid of opportunities to pursue his passion and interest in football, something that is extremely common to our nation where sports apart from cricket are rarely given the attention, consideration and respect they deserve. This culture is exactly what he set out to change in 2015, as he established the Mars Football Foundation. The foundation ambitiously aimed to bring about massive cultural change, provide professional opportunities to youngsters and to provide basic equipment to Telangana’s football. Even though it was such an uphill task and a dream not many dare to dream, the foundation did not disappoint.


Mars Football Foundation is a ray of hope for football in Telangana

In line with their vision of producing international standard players, boys from the foundation have represented Telangana at the district level. A bigger achievement however lies in the cultural change being brought about, from donations to making available basic equipment and fulfilling needs of things like a jersey, shoes etc. Mars foundation provides opportunities to a wide population to enjoy the sport and have access to good standards of play. As said by Mr. Moizuddin on the development of the foundation, “With Telangana being a new state and me coming from a rural background, knowing the pain of not having a professional coach to guide me, that made me get the idea to begin an NGO and help the passionate kids who are looking for a football career.” Providing a pathway to an actual career in football is essential to the growth of the sport in India. 


Ambitions and the long road ahead

Mars Football Foundation has been working to improve football in Telangana

With no government help and widespread hesitation in the society, the foundation faces several hurdles in the way to achieving its goals of building sustainable infrastructure and providing quality coaching to nurture and train players to reach the highest level in the game and bring home trophies to the nation. Another big step being taken by the foundation is the inclusion of female players and giving them the same kind of opportunities as their male counterparts. While there is a lack of awareness in grassroots level sports organizations, it is even worse for female players passionate about the sport. The foundation aims as an end goal to develop football in Telangana by training coaches, building sustainable infrastructure, and sports network programs, which will work together to support and promote sports as a more exciting and solid career choice than ever before.


Opportunities in the Foundation

The foundation has several incentives ranging from funding for equipment, community partners to volunteers and individual sponsors. With a strong core team and great core values, the foundation aims to keep working on it’s goals and to further expand to other states and eventually develop the revolution in the culture they are bringing to Telangana to the entire nation.

This article has been written by Abhay Sharma at turf Football in association with Mars Football Foundation. Find out more about such organisations in our series on grassroots football!