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Techtro Swades United announces partnership with India Rush Soccer Club

Techtro Swades United taking huge steps in the Indian Football arena!

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Indian Football

May 30, 2021, 5:58 p.m.

Himachal Pradesh-based Techtro Swades United officially announced their Development partnership with India Rush Soccer Club, the international partner of the USA-based World’s largest youth soccer club for the development of the club’s grassroots set up in India. The unique fan-owned club confirmed its three-year association with India Rush Soccer Club during a digital launch on Sunday and is now set to open academies in Himachal and Uttar Pradesh.

Since its inception in August 2020, Techtro Swades United has quickly emerged as one of the most distinctive and promising projects in the Indian football landscape. The men’s team finished as runners-up in the Himachal Football League and is now set to enter the I-League second division this season. Just like their male counterparts, the women’s team also made substantial gains in their debut campaign.

After being crowned champions of the inaugural Himachal Women’s League earlier this year, the women’s team secured the qualification to play in the Indian Women’s League (IWL). As such, Techtro Swades United is now on the verge of being the first Indian football club to feature in national level competitions for both men and women within just a season.

Since starting its operation in 2012, India Rush SC has pioneered football development in India. It was one of the first few academies accredited in the inaugural season by AIFF. Leading the way in women’s football, India Rush SC has the honor of being the 1st club qualifying for the IWL as Maharashtra Champions in 2017. The Youth teams have been undisputed champions in the Mumbai District league since the inception of the youth league in 2016. On the elite youth player front, India Rush SC players have played in the 4th Div league in Portugal since 2016, while others honed their skills in the USA on scholarship since 2012.

The new partnership with India Rush Soccer Club is now expected to add more fuel to their revolution. As part of the collaboration, the International organization will offer their globally proven methodology and their experience for the development of the grassroots initiative undertaken by the club.

Techtro Swades United will also ramp up their scouting operations with the help of the India Rush Soccer Club to unearth hidden talents from all over the country.

“I am elated to announce our partnership with Techtro Swades. While the on-ground football activity has stopped, but our endeavor for implementing a globally proven and comprehensive football program for the development of players from remote locations in India hasn’t, and this very spirit is displayed in our partnership,” Dennis Fernandes, Hon. CEO of India Rush SC stated.

The club strongly believes the association with India Rush SC, which has a network of over 40,000 players spread out across the globe, will help establish a more concrete pathway for aspiring footballers from grassroots to the elite level in India and Internationally.

“We are extremely delighted to enter this partnership with India Rush Soccer Club. Over the course of our association, we hope to nurture homegrown talents from our country by providing them a clear pathway into the professional football world. It goes without saying that the expertise, experience, and network of India Rush Soccer Club will give new wings to our aspirations,” Techtro Swades United Founder Neeraj Kholiya added.

Owing to the pandemic, the partnership will now focus primarily on conducting online coaching sessions for participants from all over India. As and when things settle, Techtro Swades United will be establishing their first academy in association with India Rush Soccer Club and begin their on-ground operations.